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Oberwiesenhof 4 Stars Superior

Our massage therapy section

Monday from 3pm, Tuesday - Sunday 9.30am - 1pm

Medicinal massages
The full body massage helps with back pain and emotional stress. The guest is put in a state of soothing relaxation, chronic pain and tension are relieved.

Classic full body massage (45 min)
Price: 55.- €

Back massage (30 min)
Price: 39.- €

Leg massage (20 min)
Price: 28.- €

Foot reflexology (20 min)
Price: 36.- €

Manual lymph drainage (45 min)
Price: 52.- €

A fascinating combination of massage, energy work and beneficial effect through the laying-on of hot stones.
Price (50 min.): 73.- €

Aroma oil massage
In the aroma oil massage, essential oils are gently massaged into the skin. Depending on the type of aromatic essences used, the aroma oil massage has a relaxing or stimulating effect.
Price (30 min.): 38.-€

Is an ancient Indian massage technique in which more than 100 marma points distributed over the human body are activated. The marmas keep the human organism alive.
Price (60 min.): 87.- €

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